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Text messaging today plays a huge part of that communication.We have our cell phones with us 99% of the time and usually within an arms reach.Text messaging and dating can go hand in hand and compliment each other quite well, however if overdone or done wrong it can hurt your chances of finding love. If you have just started seeing someone and they check-in somewhere near you, this can be a little tricky, but it’s best to leave them be.Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to text messaging and dating. Don’t break up with someone over a text message, it’s immature and cowardly. Do spell out all of your words, none of this “Hi wut R U up 2? If you text like that, the person on the receiving end is going to think you’re lazy and illiterate. There’s a fine line between being creepy and monitoring someone’s check ins and just commenting on where they are. If done right, text messaging will enhance your chances in dating.How long must you wait until you reply to your spouse on any controversial or emotionally charged topic?After you have been a good listener, when do you finally get a chance to be heard?To do this, we called upon our good friend Mollie, from Mollie In Seattle to help us understand the rules (there’s 10 of them) for text messaging while dating. What about a winky face or is a smiley face better?

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Sometimes "AD" for "Anno Domini" in Latin is used instead of "DC", but it is rare.

Chances are you’ve asked yourself or someone else one of these questions right?

Everyone says communication is the key to building and maintaining positive relationships.

What really matters is that a full day has gone by and the couple has had the opportunity to sleep on the controversial or emotionally charged topic before the speaking and listening roles are reversed. of a well known ladies' sportswear company, answered first.

In case it sounds preposterous to wait for 24 hours before you rebut, challenge or correct your spouse, just listen to what Sam had to say about the "24 hour rule." I was meeting with Sam and his wife, Nava, for our final session. "I think that 24 hour rule of yours was the most helpful, at least for me," Sam eagerly volunteered.

Whether conversation takes place in my office or in the couple's home, I always recommend a 24 hour waiting period before the listener is allowed to respond.

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