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When Madam Clare gets a call complaining about how new girl Kira slacked off on the job, not wearing the requested outfit and not delivering the goods, she takes it out on Kira's big, round bottom in the form a sound spanking over Clare's knee.

She had married early and given birth to her only son within weeks after her honeymoon. God, how she had loved that, she remembered, and how she had provoked him into spanking her again and again, right up until the time she had gotten married.

She managed to get an education and has been working the same job for years. Andrews was…was spanking her." Rob swallowed the lump in his throat as he told his mother that last bit, remembering how excited that made him. And now this thing with her son, she looked at him sitting across from her. He couldn't help but notice as he had before, how good she looked. " What the hell he thought, he might a well get this figured out.

The note looks super old, and there's something at the bottom about some moms not being able to handle the magic, but the bottom of the page is missing..

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