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mais c’est pas original =_= En comparaison au couple Al Shin de We Got married, le niveau de romantisme de Soohyun reste raplapla… Aaaaaaaah je regrette ce couple XD Enfin bref Soohyun et Yura sont cute ensembles mais c’est pas encore l’amour fou et puis ça fait plus film romantique déjà vu et revu qu’autre chose.Pour l’instant c’est mon couple préféré car ils sont drôles et ils se sont très bien trouvé. En plus ils ont souvent les même idées tarées comme les pull assortis ou les défis à faire pendant les attractions.Duk-Sun's father Dong-Il (Sung Dong-Il) lost money due to guaranteeing someone else's debt. It makes me feel soo nostalgic eventhough I haven't born in 80 :)) Like it like it like it!!!!!!!!Nevertheless, Duk-Sun has a bright personality and enjoys singing and dancing. Sun-Woo is a model student at school, good son and good brother at home. they didn't show how taek and duk seon's relationship revealed to the family. who wants it more do anything and everything just to get their love without hesitations.. all the 5 lead actors/tress so adorable and did a brilliant acting. This drama is one of my favorites now after ignoring the Reply series several times in the past.In other words, "They may be a pain in the butt, but they're pain in the butt." Often uttered right before such lines as "You mess with them, you mess with all of us! " The character may have a breakout episode that explains the reason for their attitude or reveals a human side that never showed before (such as a cute hobby).Compare Vitriolic Best Buds and With Friends Like These..., where this kind of attitude is usually limited to one or two select members of the group as opposed to being the opinion of the group as a whole.She always gets into fights with her older sister Bo-Ra (Ryoo Hye-Young). Sun-Woo’s mother has raised Sun-Woo and his younger sister alone after Sun-Woo’s father passed away. they didn't even show their wedding, instead they focused with bora and sun woo's wedding...ugh! and you should never blame anyone if you yourself didnt do anything or been always on hesitations... I have watched Reply 1997 earlier because of Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk and I liked it.

Le principe de c’est de mettre en couple toujours des célébrités (Eli, Soohyun, Xander des U-kiss et Jihae, Yura et Minah des Girl’s day) et faire comme si ils sortaient ensembles et cela pour une période de 3 mois. Mais bon maintenant tout ces couples ont disparus et maintenant les couples de la 2e saison toujours présents sont Jo Kwon / Ga In, Yonghwa / Seohyun, Nichkhun / Victoria.They still get included in the group nonetheless, with the group defending them if any outsiders insult or mistreat them.In some cases, it's discovered that the group really does care about this friend and vice versa.In a group of otherwise good friends, there's one character who's an unrepentant Jerkass to everyone else.Or, if they aren't downright mean or cruel, they may be so stupid, annoying, or just plain weird that it's embarrassing to be seen with them.This trope may overlap with Loser Friend Puzzles Outsiders.

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