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April is Aries season, as the sun beams through the first sign of the Zodiac until the 19th.

Like a fresh coat of paint or a clean breeze, this cosmic cycle is a much-needed revival.

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Make yourself comfortable, as this is going to be a long post. The truth is that over the last few months a lot of people have put in time with pre-production models of these cameras.

We’ve gone through several firmware updates as we provided feedback and it is so exciting to finally see the X100F officially launched. A year ago I wrote a blog post entitled: “What’s next for the Fuji X100t? Clearly people have been excited for this new camera.

I have said many times before that the X100 series was a catalyst of change in my life, and I was excited (and humbled) to be included in the amazing group of artists who would be the first to work with the new X100F.

Seconds later I was holding one of the first X100F cameras ever to be released into the world. Since that day I have spent a lot of time with the X100F: shooting on the street, working on several documentary projects, and of course using it on my travels.

They have a very humanitarian approach to life and are always looking for progress, reform and ways of making the world a better place. At least, that would be a reasonable explanation for why I never heard from her again. And as awful as is to admit, I kind of hoped that was true.In that post I hoped that the successor to the X100T would include: So, what was the reality?How does my preproduction X100F compare to this list? Instead of shock and disbelief, she responded with resignation and a knowing sigh.

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