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Margaret is a very close second and Theodore is my 3rd pick.

I am not that drawn to the Twins in P5 but then again, this is still taken it upon herself to one-shot kill Erebus every year that it revives itself and is presently searching for a way to free the P3 Protagonist from being a door decoration. Ideal manners and speech combined with naivety and total unfamiliarity with the real world created insanely strong cuteness aura.

But Europe has been made what it is by men stay- ing in their homes and fighting stub- bornly generation after generation for all the beauty, comfort and order that they have got we must abide and do the same. We had the great Helmholtz and his wife with us one afternoon, gave them tea, and invited some people to meet them; she, a charming woman of the world, brought up by her aunt, Ma- dame Mohl, in Paris; he the most mon- umental example of benign calm and speechlessness that I ever saw.

The Salters have a noble hill with such an outlook! There is a strange thinness and femininity hover- ing over all America, so different from the stoutness and masculinity of land and air and everything in Switzerland and England, that the coming back makes one feel strangely sad and hardens one in the resolution never to go away again unless one can go to end one's days. To you, who now have real practical relations and a place in the Old World, I should think there was no necessity of ever coming back again.

As we found in our previous research on this subject, Americans’ attitudes towards online dating are relatively nuanced.

Although a majority of Americans agree with two positive statements about online dating, a sizeable minority agree with two statements casting online dating (or the people who use online dating) in a more negative light.

Similarly, college graduates and the relatively affluent are especially likely to say that they know someone who has met a spouse or long-term partner via online dating—and once again, nearly every major demographic group is more likely to know someone who has done this compared with eight years ago.

People who work the land are likely to have similar values when it comes to morality in matters of love.

To say that "streamlines romance", or that it "separates the wheat from the chaff", might be accurate to an extent, but it is unfair because these phrases have pejorative connotations.

Nonetheless, attitudes towards online dating have progressed in a clearly positive direction in the eight years since our previous study: Additionally, one-third of internet users (32%) agree with the statement that “online dating keeps people from settling down because they always have options for people to date.” This is the first time we have asked this question, and therefore we cannot determine how it has changed over time (if at all).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people who have used online dating themselves have positive views about the process compared with the overall population.

I am up here for a few days with Billy, to close our house for the winter, and get a sniff of the place. the difference from Switzerland, the thin grass and ragged waysides, the poverty-stricken land, and sad American sunlight over all sad because so empty.

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