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PDO aims to share the benefits of the oil and gas industry across Oman through its In-Country Value (ICV) strategy.PDO is committed to maximising the procurement of local goods and services as well as improving the capacity and capability of Omani people and companies in order to secure sustainable commercial benefits for the Sultanate.Since the 1970s, PDO has been hiring, training, supporting and investing in Oman but its ICV strategy became firmly embedded in the Company’s business philosophy in 2011 with the following key aims: 1. Increasing the procurement of Omani goods and services 3.Local vendor development​​ In 2015, PDO awarded contracts worth US.7 billion to locally registered firms.Now that they can use their data and calls in other member states while still paying nothing more than they would pay back home, they are understandably looking forward to an era of low phone costs.Unfortunately, there is a very strong possibility that they are going to be disappointed, and that the abolition of EU roaming charges may herald an era of market consolidation and higher prices.A major ICV blueprint strategy for the entire Omani oil and gas industry was unveiled on 18 December 2013 with the aim of unlocking a US$ 64 billion windfall for the Sultanate’s economy and creating 50,000 Omani jobs in the sector by 2020.A total of 53 business opportunities in the industry were identified at a special conference at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat which are being unveiled in waves to the Omani business community.

The likelihood of this scenario becomes more evident when it is recognised that, to all intents and purposes, the removal of roaming charges is tantamount to forcing all EU operators – regardless of where they are and their particular costs – to accept the same fixed payment for allowing foreign citizens to roam on their networks.Furthermore, mountain biking is quite a good idea if you are kind of a person who loves adventures plus you are living in a region that is surrounded by mountains, and there are tracks for mountain biking. If you are looking for a mountain bike, you would have a variety of types to choose from such as trail bikes, cross country bikes, fat bikes, and all mountain bikes.All these types serve different purposes, and you need to grab the one that suits you and the track you have chosen for your adventure.There is little doubt that coming home from a relaxing holiday to the shock of a hefty phone bill was one of modern life’s great headaches, so it is no surprise that the scrapping of European Union (EU) roaming charges on 15 June 2017 came as welcome news to the vast majority of EU citizens.IT leaders have greater choice in end-user devices than ever before.The age of PC-only users is over and we have entered the multiple device era.

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