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in one episode of the show (Borat's Guide to America) he interviews a martial arts instructor and first asks what to do if a "chocolate-faced" person comes and attacks you.

the instructor really doesn't know what to say, but tells borat that in America, people try not to judge by skin tone.

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Can you separate Borat’s comic hyperbole from the Trumps legitimate public statements? And his wife say ‘Throw him,’ but I say, ‘No, save him.’ And now he make them very much money and he travel around the country in a tent."Art" finds Ali G chewing the fat with Inside the Actor's Studio's James Lipton and ex-astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Everett Koop and Ralph Nader, with the added attraction of a sentimental stopover at a Nevada nuclear testing sight.And in "Belief, Borat braves the wilds of "The New South" and Ali G pitches a series idea to a group of network execs -- while still managing to spend quality time with interviewees James Baker and Marlin Fitzwater., which featured quotes from famous Golden Bears, we discovered a disturbingly uncanny resemblance between two of this country’s most beloved clowns.We at the Clog couldn’t help but notice some striking parallels between the comically unassimilated and politically incorrect fictional Kazakh and our very own Republican nominee for the upcoming presidential election." In Season 1's six episodes, Ali G also tries to pitch a movie to various Hollywood executives and sell a new business idea to Donald Trump, who is the only person that seems to sense that this big hip-hop banana may be full of it.

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