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Talgo trains, of Spanish manufacture, link since last weekend the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, with Bukhara, one of the most touristic cities of the Central Asia country, according to the company Uzbek Railways.

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She also heads the Investigative Journalism Fund, a special project of the Jewish Week to fill a gap in investigative and enterprise reporting, and 36 Under 36, an annual special issue profiling 36 exceptional young leaders.The article below by the late Harvard Professor Emeritus Professor Richard N. Nelson Frye (1920-2014) on Bukhara in Pre-Islamic Times was originally posted in the Encyclopedia Iranica. Update as of 12/2/15: After unscrambling a message left behind by the arsonist at the scene of a Nov.25 fire at a Forest Hills construction site at 108-47 67th Drive, police have the name of a Forest Hills resident, who they suspect is responsible for at least six fires in the area over the past four weeks, according to another police source.Note the Zindon (Persian; Zendan = prison) pit is seen constructed behind the walls (Picture Source: Megalithic UK). The name is spelled pwxʾr in a Sogdian manuscript in Sogdian script of uncertain date (Henning, 1940, pp. On the obverse of the coins from Bukhara appears the bust of a ruler facing right and wearing a crown copied from the crown of the Sasanian Bahrām V (r. This gives the earliest date for the coinage, but it is unknown how much later than the time of Bahrām that the coinage actually began (see Frye, 1949, p. The earliest coins have the legend βwγʾr γwβ ʾšδʾδʾ “King Ašδāδ of Bukhara”? On still later coins the third word of the legend is shortened to kʾw (So.

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