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In his closing argument, Mr Altman painted a picture of Ravi as a confused teenager who was troubled to discover that his room-mate was inviting a strange, "scruffy" older man for sexual encounters in the small dormitory room they had shared for less than a month.

Describing Ravi as: "stupid, he's ignorant, maybe immature and a typical 18-year-old kid," the lawyer went on: "Why we're here is because an 18-year-old boy, a kid, a college freshman, had an experience, had an encounter that he wasn't ready for." Mr Altman said that his client had made an innocent mistake when he activated a web camera he had set up in the room, and had been surprised to see Clementi in an embrace with his boyfriend, known only by the initials MB during the trial.

The campaign to reform the law moved beyond the gay community to wider issues of human rights and discrimination.

Extreme viewpoints ensured a lengthy and passionate debate.

It read: "I dare you to chat me between the hours of and midnight.

I described how my sexuality was acknowledged and accepted, at least on a personal level, and how diplomatic pressure from President Barack Obama was sparking a new conversation about gay rights in the area. Its advocates have been silenced, and official scrutiny has become unbearable.And worse, all of this is happening largely out of sight, as other West African crises capture the world’s attention.Gay visibility is at an all-time high in much of the West, but in West Africa, any tenuous gains that may have been achieved are quickly fading.See more » Now we know that being a murder suspect can be yet another opportunity to land a piece of ass.If only "Skinemax" could offer us gay boys something like this.Afterwards, the lawyer argued, he had acted immaturely rather than criminally, sending a Tweet reading: "Saw my room-mate making out with a dude.

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