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Try out our Red5 Video chat : a full FLASH video chat with audio and video support made using Open Source RED5 technology and Flash : You do no need to purchase expensive solution such as Flash Media Server.

If you have your own server, deploy the RED5 server side solution, and install our Red5 Video chat: You've done it !

The FTDI-based devices (many vendors) are also known to work, have a good reputation and the drivers are frequently updated for Mac OS X.

Devices based on the Prolific chipset sometimes present problems on Mac OS X. Dome Control provides the software complement to the Dome control and Shutter control hardware projects.

Particular highlights include: • control of the shutter position to continuously track the telescope (or a defined point on the celestial sphere); • manual control with a hand control knob; • control is proportional, with variable speed; • entry of dome geometry with allowance for fork or german equatorial mount; • geometry accounts for variable height piers, with direct reading of height by a dedicated sensor; • display of key housekeeping parameters (such as battery voltages).Not only are they animated, but they also have sound effects!It makes for some very interesting moments, although don't overuse them or people might get annoyed with you.A systematic, precise _____________ study of a problem. Observation - The investigator notes a phenomenon that poses a ____________. Hypothesis formulation - The investigator poses hypotheses that could potentially explain the ____________.The more competing hypotheses one can come up with, the better.First, you can of course show your live video feed to everyone if you want, and this of course comes with the usual microphone sound capabilities.

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