Christian dating newcastle australia


But, we share a common hope in the forgiveness Jesus offers, a common desire to love as God loves, and a common prayer that God might use us to save thousands of people for Jesus in Newcastle and the Hunter.

The Holy Scriptures are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

Growing up, we weren’t taught who men really are and what makes them tick.

I know I wasn’t and in the past, I made huge mistakes that ended up emasculating men.

We believe that God continues to speak to us today through his Spirit-expired word in the Bible.

We believe that Jesus is central to all God's plans and purposes for this world.

Feeling isolated after losing my life partner of 40 years. Im bella 21 bi BBW i have many tattoos and peircings im very open minded.

Retired early 9 years ago & became carer for my partner. Im never quite sure what to right on these but i guess everyone finds it difficult to talk about them selfs :p I like traveling and driving to explore new places i love motor bike ridding which mostly ends with me crashing every time :p i like fishing even tho ive only ever caught one fish and that doesnt count as it was in a yabbie yet but hey was still a catch Few beers around a fire beats a night in the club any day Im very self independent and like to do things for my self even when it leaves me further down the creek without a paddle Im a big goof that tries to make everyone smile cause life doesnt have to be all seriousness right?

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You could probably call us are little ‘i’ independents!

You can find FIEC churches scattered across this land and our prayer is that God will raise up many more.

This doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t, mean that we are a bunch of lone rangers.

We are a fellowship of independent evangelical churches in Australia. It means we are committed to growing followers of Jesus in every corner of our country.

Our goal is to plant new churches and grow existing churches that reach ordinary people with the extraordinary message of Jesus Christ.

I like to have fun with friends, playing games, going for walks, dancing, turism, watching movies, talking, I work from home (imports and sales) But the nights after 6pm and weekends I am free I am a calm person and shy.. You can see my reactions or my fave and understand my emothions or thoughts without even talking to you.. I've given the wrong people to much I can't even begin to imagine what I'd give for the right girl 😘 Heya ?

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