Cm punk and maria dating


I heard rumors about James Brian Hellwig, aka The Ultimate Warrior, being a major closet case.He's also proudly homophobic (which isn't surprising since he's a wingnut).While on TNA, she was a five-time TNA Knockouts Champion.In 2013, she decided to try her hand at the restaurant business and opened up a wrestling-themed restaurant in Chicago (named The Squared Circle).As Punk’s indie stock increased, we have seen him more from an entry level ring rat to classier wrestling broads, such as TNA’s Tracy and later dating former playboy centerfold/WWE Diva Maria Kennelis!This latest photo was taken @ an FCW event this past weekend, where Punk and his rumored new main squeeze, current WWE Diva’s Champion Beth ‘The Glamazon’ Phoenix were signing autographs during intermission.

Is Punk’s stock @ an all time high now that he can say and do whoever he wants?I think pro wrestling must have a code of silence when it comes to the homosex, because I've never read any really good, credible gossip except re: the guys everybody knows about anyway, e.g. Romeo Roselli used to wrestle for the JPWA under the name of Johnny Heartbreaker.JPWA was a teen wrestling video company run by a priest and totally homo erotic.Kanellis used to date two-time WWE champion wrestler and UFC fighter CM Punk between 20 before dating and marrying TNA wrestler Mike "The Miracle Bennett".It is not clear when the photographs were taken or who by.Wrestlers also rarely have time for their families which means they often find comfort in the arms of other men, which makes it simpler when wrestlers join the business before they are married or start families.

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