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Charleston police Detective Doug Galluccio said the photo wasn’t posted online or on social media.

No one else is charged in the case, but police spokesman Charles Francis said the investigation is ongoing.

2 after Charleston police found a photograph of the teen on his i Phone, “engaged in an act or simulation of sexual activity,” according to his arrest affidavit.

The photograph showed the young woman undressed and sitting on a bed with a naked male standing in front of her.

They are out of place even in philosophy and politics classes, where the goal is to educate students (usually about academic texts and theories), not to listen to them spout off.

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Lately, a moral panic about speech and sexual activity in universities has reached a crescendo.

Universities have strengthened rules prohibiting offensive speech typically targeted at racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities; taken it upon themselves to issue “trigger warnings” to students when courses offer content that might upset them; banned sexual acts that fall short of rape under criminal law but are on the borderline of coercion; and limited due process protections of students accused of violating these rules.

Most liberals celebrate these developments, yet with a certain uneasiness.

Few of them want to apply these protections to society at large. They see these rules as an assault on free speech and individual liberty.

The campus chapter of his fraternity was closed on the same day the college instituted an alcohol ban at fraternity and sorority events.

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