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Viewers widely use Netflix and Hulu to discover programs, even some that long ago faded from TV.“Over the past decade there have been significant changes in how people watch content,” said Matt Strauss, Comcast’s general manager for video and entertainment services.“We’ve seen, in some instances, that customers would pay an extra to watch an episode of a TV program commercial free.”Philadelphia-based Comcast has been a leader among pay-TV companies in offering entertainment options that occasionally defy industry conventions."We want to give our customers access to all manner of programming and Gaia’s unique collection of transformational and holistic living content is a great addition to our growing lifestyle and fitness offering on Xfinity on Demand,” said Daniel Spinosa, VP Comcast Cable.“This partnership is representative of our commitment to delivering the best collection of content to our customers whenever and wherever they want to watch it."“At Gaia our goal is to create a transformational network,” said Jaymi Bauer, CMO of Gaia. (March 27, 2017) -- Gaia (Nasdaq: GAIA) today announced its subscription video on demand service – featuring videos from Gaia’s large library of conscious media, including original programs, documentaries, films, yoga and meditation practices – is available to Xfinity TV customers.Now available on demand across all Xfinity platforms, including on demand and the Xfinity Stream app and portal, Gaia’s unique library of content exists to empower the evolution of consciousness.For an extra .99 a month, Comcast Xfinity customers will be able to watch up-to-date episodes of FX's original programming, including "Fargo," above, on the commercial-free channel FX . FX Networks long has been known for edgy programming, but that distinction has become difficult to maintain amid fierce competition from streaming services Netflix, Hulu and (Chris Large / FX) FX Networks announced Monday that it is launching FX , a commercial-free channel that will be available to Comcast Corp. Streaming services have gained an advantage, particularly among younger viewers, because their shows are available commercial-free.

Many of the cable companies have branded their Movies on Demand service, so Time-Warner and Charter customers will be looking for Spectrum, Comcast on-demand is branded Xfinity, Verizon goes by Fios and AT&T calls its program U-verse.The competition for on-demand movies has grown in recent years beyond cable companies like Time-Warner, Charter, Cox Fios and Xfinity to online video-on-demand companies like Fandango Now and internet giants Amazon, Apple and Google.We searched through the offerings of all of the above to bring you the Best Movies On Demand, though no one service offers them all.Stay tuned to the blog for more news on this exciting fall addition to the Roku channel lineup!Using Comcast's XFINITY On Demand varies, depending on which iteration of the service your set-top box is running.The move will enable FX to test whether consumers would pay for a stand-alone FX channel.

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