Comic dating drama with mama

And in my head, I cursed my best friend, Melody, for roping me into this tragedy of an evening. ” Melody had baited me, knowing the minute she brought my only child, Shayna, into the conversation, I’d be open to whatever she suggested. “I really think you should sign up for the church’s speed dating event next Friday.

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Tho the story is really frustrating, it doesn't make you wanna stop watching it. Why is he having such a hard time accepting his son? In these hilarious and heart-warming stories, you'll find single moms finding love in the most interesting of places, all while steering clear of the crazies, the lazies and definitely, the shadies. How can you find love when you have a career and kids? Is he on-line, in church, standing in front of the grapefruit in the grocery store?Try Not to Take It Personally There should be no reason for your man’s ex and his child’s mother to hate you.After all, unless he cheated on her with you, there’s no reason for her to spew hate your way, right?Since childhood, my sister delighted in pointing out how “perfect” she was.

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