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Clark said alcohol abuse led to verbal abuse and she was worried that their relationship issues were going to escalate.

Watch News 5's hour-long investigative special looking at potentially deadly loopholes in Ohio law regarding protection orders She was living in her own apartment in Columbus but her family pushed her to get a protection order.

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But currently, such orders are limited to family members.“It’s not necessarily about definitions; it’s about the relationship and what type of violence arises out of that relationship,” said Rep.

Emilia Sykes, a Columbus Democrat given an unusual co-sponsorship of a prime bill in the GOP-dominated Ohio House.

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And to make matters worse, the law also fails to protect women from dangerous stalkers, despite the fact that nearly 9 of 10 victims of attempted murder by an intimate partner were stalked by their attacker in the prior year.[1] None of this is okay.

We all know an abuser is an abuser, married or not—and this loophole leaves single women dangerously exposed in their relationships. When abusers get their hands on guns, the consequences are deadly.

Closing what many regard as a gaping loophole in Ohio's domestic-violence laws has become a top priority for state legislators.

Currently, only Ohio and Georgia do not offer specific legal options for victims of dating violence, such as civil-protection orders.

Clark was uncomfortable with the idea of applying and she would later learn that she didn’t qualify because they were not a co-habitating couple.

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