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Arraignment is postponed to Tuesday for Henrietta Stone, 59, the 9-year-old girl's grandmother who had legal custody.

According to an indictment, the three are accused of denying the girl food, water and medical treatment for about a year before she died in June 2016.

Police say a 911 call reported that the girl was unresponsive.

Officers and firefighters responding to the Hilo home found the severely malnourished and unconscious girl lying on the floor. The trio have been charged with second degree murder following a grand jury indictment. We sealed the indictment until the warrant could be served and they were arrested, which happened this afternoon.'According to the indictment, the girl's grandmother Henrietta Stone was her legal guardian.

Visit the city's well known Music and Art School and interact with the students and teachers there who will share their dreams and routines with you.

Afterwards, go to Lolo, an art gallery and workshop which offers a variety of pieces by talented Cuban artists.

Portugal, officially called the Portuguese Republic, is the westernmost country of continental Europe.

The first recorded presence of Filipinos in what is now the United States dates to October 1587, with the first permanent settlement of Filipinos in what is now the United States being established in Louisiana in 1763.The Hawaiian Tribune Herald said the girl is only being identified by her initials S. They are, each of them, accused of murder in the second degree in various ways. The other method is voluntarily omitting to perform a duty imposed by law, which is a duty to support, to wit, failure to provide food and water, and duty to obtain reasonable and necessary medical services …and to do a duty when you a person are at the scene of a crime, including the perpetrator of that crime, when you know someone is suffering from serious harm …Police and fire department personnel were called to the house in Hilo on June 28, 2016 to reports of an 'unresponsive child'. It is alleged that the youngster was denied adequate food, water and medical care for a period between October 23, 2015 and her death in June 2016.According to police, the trio are being held in lieu of 0,000 bail each. Deputy prosecutor Rick Damerville said: 'This is a real emotional roller coaster for anybody, including me.Although there is no official religion in Portugal, 94.5 percent of the people are Roman Catholic.

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