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I've been officially dating my boyfriend for four months now but we've been casually seeing each other, mostly long-distance, for a year.

I love him and he has been the one taking a lot of steps to move our relationship forward. I am trying to figure out a world in which it could possibly be reasonable for this guy to publicly pretend to be his ex’s boyfriend, and all I can come up with is some John Green young-adult plot where he was about to break up with her when he discovered that she had terminal cancer, so he hid the truth, so she could die peacefully thinking that everything is OK (yet she really knows the truth and appreciates it only as an empty gesture).

Facebook's new Graph Search, in limited beta release, extends searches for singles on the network to friends of friends.

The new feature, primarily for finding what friends "Like" from music to food and more, is expected to be available more widely over the next few months.

Graph Search, a promising advertising bonanza and Google threat, puts people's interests and relationship status only a fingertip away. Men will be able to hunt for single women who live in their locale and like a particular taco stand, action movies such as The Expendables, and sports teams, for example.

Women could search for single men who like the movie Bridget Jones's Diary, a book about knitting and old episodes of Friends.

Ok, maybe all the cute girls that Austin knows are crazy.

Facebook being the biggest social networking website operating currently is also home to a number of such pages.

There are of course some Facebook pages for dating advice that are more useful and interesting than the others. Checking these pages from time to time might give you a clearer perception of dos and don’ts of dating.1.

Austin couldn't handle the fact that she didn't get one. I called her around PM on a Tuesday and the call went as follows: Connor: "Hello?

So, I told her I'd treat her to dinner if she would set me up with any girl on her Facebook list that I picked out. The process of picking out a girl from her Facebook list was extremely painful. "Rich: "Hi Connor, it's Rich from Saturday night."Connor: "I.. I can't talk right now."Rich: "Oh, I'm sorry, should—" CLICKGetting hung up on after saying who you are has got to be as low as it can get.

If you do, tell him you're breaking up with him to protect him. He’s just spending time, in secret, with his ex who’s so obsessed that she concocts lies about an affair to scare you off.

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