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I think it's someone's botched project that wasn't treated too kindly afterwards. I spoke to the the gun shop owner about this 36-1 & he told me that the rear sight, although a Smith & Wesson Part, was a not factory installation for this particular model. I also question the wide hammer spur & blued hammer, since, as I recall the hammers should be just case colored. It looks like nice enough work (once you reblue the barrel) to have a factory appearance. That would be the indicator of a non-factory sight installation. There's no way you could supply a gun and have the work done for anwhere near that price. The sight was long enough to cover up the bottom of the trough I filed in the top strap so it looked exactly like a factory installation.The action locks up tight & my only other concern is the front sight, which a pin punch & replacement blade will fix. I personally would not reblue the entire gun, just the barrel. The job is easier than you might think because J frame adjustable sights don't have the square elevation nut that slips into a slot in the frame.

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Also, an orange front sight insert was installed & looks like someone dremelled a light divot into one side of the sight blade. Looks to have been carried after the botched blue job, & the wood medallion grips have wear thru the finish & down into bare wood. Great stats, 5wire & Hondo, thanks for the follow-up, especially about the hammer.

I wonder if the model # was added to the box at a later date,possibly during a previous sale. I had in mind she was saying the date was on the end label. HOWEVER, the earlier ones, up into the 1970s have a Statement of Liability and Warranty information printed there, along with a date. That usually indicates that it is overpriced for the market. One last question--could you refer me to a site wherein I might read and learn more about the legal requirements I must be aware of in selling the gun. You and Bob have been exceptionally helpful and I am thankful to have found this very informative web site. I can give you what they should be,and this is what serious buyers will go by,based on condition. As far as the solicitation,this site isn't here for people to buy/sell/trade.

I'd be interested to know if the 36 is just on the box,or also on the paperwork. Best, Nola Mama There's a discussion about this at the link below.

The Model 36 was designed in the era just after World War II, when Smith & Wesson stopped producing war materials and resumed normal production.

For the Model 36, they sought to design a revolver that could fire the more powerful .38 Special round in a small, concealable package.

Thanks Hi, I don't know the answer to your Question, but I have a Chiefs special with the exact same date. And is there one at the top of the sideframe on the right hand side of the gun? What would you consider the best resource to reference when researching its value? If you want an approximate date for your Chiefs Special, you need to post the serial number. The serial number on what appears to be never used, new in the box S & W .38 Chiefs Special is J244636. My 36 for example,is given a range from 1957-62 and short of contacting the company there's no way to narrow that down.

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