Dating victor records


The 45s are cross-referenced to their 78 equivalent when known.If there is a date in parentheses that is the release date of the 78 the 45 is a reissue of.The Victor Talking Machine Company was an American record company and phonograph manufacturer headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. Johnson, who had previously made gramophones to play Emile Berliner's disc records.After a series of legal wranglings between Berliner, Johnson and their former business partners, the two joined to form the Consolidated Talking Machine Co.DAHR entries describing recordings made by Columbia Records, the Berliner Gramophone Co., OKeh Records, and Zonophone Records are based on authoritative published discographies, supplemented with new research, examination of recordings in the collections of the University of California Santa Barbara Library, and submissions from record collectors and archives.

The 45 box set numbers are a continuation of the numbering system used for 78 albums with a ā€œWā€ added in front of the ā€œPā€ (Popular) used on the 78 albums.Plants are organized first by major labels, then alphabetically.If they were an independent plant, smaller label/group or a label with only one known plant, they will be listed by name after the major label's plants.(See also His Master's Voice.) The original painting was an oil on canvas by Francis Barraud in 1898.Barraud's deceased brother, a London photographer, willed him his estate including his DC-powered Edison-Bell cylinder phonograph with a case of cylinders and his dog Nipper.This is probably most interesting at the beginning of the series as it allows one to get an idea how old the recordings were that constituted some of the first 45s.

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