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The new app, Peppr, is similar to a dating site, but it's for connecting prostitutes to clients.In 2002, Germany legalized prostitution, and the industry there has expanded dramatically since then.They haven’t chosen to change, but they can learn how to live responsibly with their sexual desires.”As Ms Schuhmann, who defends her project’s work by pointing to the success rate, says: “You can have a sexual interest in children, and be a paedophile, but not offend a child.You can also offend a child and not be a paedophile.” Nick Devin would fit the former profile.Zahlreiche Alternativen sind mittlerweile ebenfalls in Form von Apps verfügbar.Dazu gehören MBrace, Skout, Badoo, Zoosk, Hot or Not, Lovetime, die alle nach einem mehr oder weniger ähnlichen Prinzip funktionieren.Diejenigen, die aber zu faul sind, das Haus zu verlassen, chronisch überarbeitet sind, schreckliche Langeweile haben oder kein Geld, um besagte Dienstleistungen in Anspruch zu nehmen, holen sich heutzutage einfach eine App, die den Hook-up für sie erledigt.Seit über einem Jahr bei i Tunes und Google Play erhältlich, lange Zeit eher ein Geheimtipp, ist Tinder mittlerweile im Mainstream voll angekommen.

In Nuremberg, such rooms cost between €50 and €80 a day, says social worker Weppert, and the price can go up to €160 in brothels with a lot of customers.When the Pussy Club opened near Stuttgart in 2009, the management advertised the club as follows: "Sex with all women as long as you want, as often as you want and the way you want. The business has become tougher, says Nuremberg social worker Andrea Weppert, who has worked with prostitutes for more than 20 years, during which the total number of prostitutes has tripled. According to the police, about 1,700 customers took advantage of the offer on the opening weekend.Some of the men may have already abused children but, under German law, doctors are not allowed to report them to police.Ms Schuhmann estimates that “80 to 85 per cent” are effectively “reformed.”She says many of those who contact the organisation are “very relieved there is someone to talk to about their sexual desires.” Many of them feel “stigmatised” - even if they have never offended - and are ashamed of their actions.“It is a disease, it is a trait, it is not a choice.Aus einem ureigenen journalistisch-investigativen Impuls heraus fasste ich den Vorsatz, eine Woche lang die digitale Dating- und Kennlernmethode zu testen.

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