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USA TODAY surveys upcoming commemorations of the celebrity princess: TV: July 24: Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy (HBO, 10 ET/PT)This special, from ITV in Britain, features rare interviews with Prince William and Prince Harry, who speak candidly about their mother and how she impacted their lives.

“She understood that there was real life outside of palace walls,” Williams says in the documentary.

'I wish I'd gone through with the trial,' she told the Mail.

The possibility of an unknown person watching their baby's every move is a frightening thought for many parents who have come to rely on the devices to keep an eye on their little ones.D’origine néerlandaise, diplômé d’EPSCI-ESSEC et titulaire d’un Mastère en Commerce International de l’Université de Sheffield Hallam, il parle Français, Anglais, Néerlandais et Allemand. Pascal Floch est responsable Business Development du Groupe pour les pays francophones.Il a effectué toute sa carrière dans l’informatique et a occupé des postes de Directeur General et Directeur des Opérations.Mark TAMIS, expert et Thought Leader en social CRM et Social Business, est Directeur du Conseil.Dans le passé il a tenu des postes à responsabilité internationale dans le consulting et formation en Enterprise 2.0, CRM, BPM, intégration et grands systèmes.Some of the cameras also feature noise or motion detectors and alert parents when the baby makes a sound or moves."There's a certain leap of faith you're taking with your child when you use one of these," says Mark Stanislav, a senior security consultant at Rapid7 and one of the report's authors.

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