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The result is that my code in the Item Updated event gets like "overwritten" and the Text Box1 doesn't get disabled. Enabled = false;" then I see that after the Item Updated event it jumps to the aspx page again and steps through the Text Boxes.

The point is that I need to disable some of the Text Boxes in the Form View1 based on, for example, user access levels.

I can't for the life of me figure out when On Item Updated gets fired. NET trying to learn it, so some of the things you see in this code might be purposely done the hard way (so I can better understand whats going on behind the scenes) Basically, I have a Grid View that is the master control that uses a formview as a detail. I thought I understood that the button would call Command="Update" which would fire Item Updating and then Item Updated.

Am I missing a step somewhere to get this event to fire?

This is basically saying that if we've set a Select Method, an Update Method, or a Delete Method (these are string properties on the Form View) then return true, otherwise tell us if we've set an Insert Method.

I´m using a Details View but when updating, I cannot get the Old Values because the Details View Update Event Args.

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Thanks I am still having issues with this because now I am forced to use Eval() and not Bind(), as the columns are INT and not BIT. Therefore I am back to square one: I have to use Eval() with a Convert.

Note: I am using Telerik Rad Panel Bars within the Form View.

When I break on the Form View's Item Updating event, I see that: When we get to the Object Data Source's Updating event, we see a Project Task object with just two values (matching the Data Key Names fields) - all other fields are null.

In Item Updated for example, I email people based on situations with the form.

In there I have checks on some databound countrols (the textboxes) to check for Old Values and New Values to warrant emailing people.

Is there any way to see the "current lifecycle progress" in debugging? I have a Grid View1 where selecting the item populates the abovementioned Form View1.

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