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The Privacy Act is all about the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information.

Personal information is defined in the Act as information about an "identifiable individual".

In other words, it gives us the basic principles by which we can make an assessment on the privacy implications of any emerging technology.

You can find out more about the Act’s 12 information privacy principles here.

If you can't decide if it's a real emergency and you're still worried, call 111 and ask us. If it’s not an emergency phone your local police station.

When you call 111, a Spark operator will answer your call and ask which emergency service you want - Fire, Ambulance or Police.

Actions such as online communication have been defended by suspected offenders using the so-called "fantasy defense", in which those accused argue that they were only expressing fantasies and not plans of future behavior. S., case law draws a distinction between those two and some people accused of "grooming" have successfully used this defense.No matter where the call is answered, your local police will be on their way.If you are calling from a mobile phone the Emergency Caller Location Information (ECLI) system allows automatically generated information about the location of that device to be made available, at the time of the call, to the emergency service (Police, Fire or Ambulance).Click on More for information about the cookies on our site and what you can do to opt out.When a new technology grows in popularity, we inevitably get media enquiries on its possible impact on privacy.Sexual grooming of children also occurs on the Internet.

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