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When I came out, aged eighteen, announcing to my family that I preferred women, my mother muttered 'half your luck'.

Sex workers in Macau have access to free health services, and in 2012 Vicky Lei Wai Kei from the Health Bureau of Macau said that “no HIV positive case was found among the women” she had access to, even those tended to be on the lower / less expensive end of the spectrum.

Although the Macau SAR is quite small and compact (so much so that you can often get around easier on foot than you can by car) there are numerous facilities around for guys looking for fun.

Sometimes I think it may not be worth my time to share the information I have since there’s already so much floating around on the internet.

Then I come across a review like this (which is titled “Avoid unless your like prostitution and gambling,” as absurd as titling a review of Alaska “Avoid unless you like snow and nature”) and I realize there are still millions or even billions of people in the world who really are unaware of what goes on in places like Macau. The sale of sexual services in legal in Macau, which is precisely why there are so many high quality, sanitary, well-organized and generally safe options available.

I already had a job lined up, as a delivery driver, and I assumed that I'd find a good woman, settle down, and maybe have a few kids. I met some women, and had some relationships, but nothing ever really worked out.

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