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Before signing up for any dating service it is a good idea to try to meet people in person through other venues, such as these: Network with friends, relatives and co-workers; ask if they have any single friends or relatives that might also be looking to meet someone.

frog Prince on Line Dating is not responsible for the bad behavior of any of its members. Don't be afraid to go alone and don't be afraid to try something new! Try movies, family restaraunts, bowling, skating, beaches, the local playground or amusement park.Smile and strike up a conversation with that single parent in line, on the next lane, standing at the water's edge or waiting on a park bench for junior to get off the roller coaster. If there is no chapter in your area, start your own! People who place or respond to frog Prince on Line Dating Ads do so at their own risk. You must upgrade to Royal membership to contact another member and/or to include your photo in your profile. You must be at least a Tadpole (trial) Member and logged on to Send a Kiss. Please use extreme caution when arranging meetings with strangers. This level allows you to add a free profile, browse other members and, if interested, "Send a Kiss". Kisses are a good way to let another member know of your interest.Never turn down an invitation to attend a party or other social event. Perhaps you won't meet "the one", but it will widen your circle of friends to allow more networking (see previous tip! Join a club or gym, go to a musuem, art gallery openning, wine tasting, lecture or other cultural event.

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