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And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny!

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Beverly hills, USAI'm very simple,honest,caring and loyal young man. you can add me on yahoo --- because I'm not a VIP member.You could offer your time to a gay youth center and become a mentor to teens coming to terms with their sexual identity.If you’re passionate about politics, volunteer for a gay politician whose views you share.“Cora and Ryder get one of the most sexually explicit scenes in a Bio Ware game to date, and we don’t even get at least one gratuitous ass shot of Gil,” wrote You Tuber Kendyl TV in comments under a video that features some of the romantic scenes.“It further lets us know that, for the time being, gay sex is still too taboo for developers to seriously consider incorporating in a mainstream video game.” Users also complained that the gay sex scenes would quickly fade to black, and that something always seemed to be blocking a clear view of the two men kissing.Despite all the criticism, EA has made a consistent effort to include LGBT characters for years, joining a long list of other video games, including the recent Adam Salandra is a writer, performer and host in Los Angeles.

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