Gene simmons dating zimmy dating


Gene Simmons, where were you on about November 25, 2016?

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RELATED: Keith Richards' advice to young rocker roomies: 'Get a maid' "I fantasized that I would be the exception," she writes of Simmons.

WATCH: Richard Simmons Speaks Out: 'No One Should Worry About Me' "I am not kidnapped," he told ET's Brad Bessey.

"I am just in my house right now." "No one should be worried about me," Simmons added.

Sagal also details how she shifted from music to acting, her drug abuse, a battle with cancer and her three marriages.

A Texas calf born July 28 bears an uncanny resemblance to KISS frontman Gene Simmons, and tourism officials joked on Facebook that the rock star may be the dad, The Sun reported.

In addition to the black and white markings on the calf’s face, she is sticking out her long tongue — mimicking the trademark appearance of the rocker, who also is known for his “devil horns” hand gesture.

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