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The 'Celebrity Juice' host locked lips with the fashion guru while he was "drunk" in order to "experiment" but quickly decided it wasn't for him. Gok Wan wants to take part in 'Strictly Come Dancing'.The fashion guru, who is best known for his make-over shows including 'Gok's Fashion Fix', is keen to be involved in the BBC One competition and hopes to share his moves once he has enough time… Naturally, it’s only polite to stuff as much food and drink into your system as humanly possible (and beyond) but there will be an inevitable payback somewhere down the line. Gok Wan enjoys the challenge of his new television shows.I have social anxiety, low self-esteem, body dismorphia and a general drive to not eat and hate myself. I am an epic geek, to the point that I cosplay and make my own clothes to wear.Being flamboyant and creative was a great outlet and geeking out to various TV shows made me happy.But his family hasn’t supported the gay partner from hi.On the first episode of Gok's Style Secrets, we saw super-stylist Gok Wan meet 33-year-old Zoe Burgess - a nursery nurse who lived at home with her mum and has never had a long-term relationship.

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Well, as anyone who has lost a loved one knows, your world changes, and as a daddy’s girl, mine hit rock bottom.

So we’ve all been there, lost confidence in our looks or bodies, felt uncomfortable about the person we are, and lonely because we don’t know how to share who we are…

Or we’re frightened we’re a little too off beat to meet someone. I lost my father to cancer; the one man in my life that accepted me, shared some of my interests, and thought I was beautiful no matter how I dressed or acted.

We watched as Gok transformed the single lady into a bonafide babe - but it wasn't easy.

SEE MORE SHOWS WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT IN 2013The show's concept is simple; it is essentially a makeover series (Gok a makeover series! It's no secret that Gok is a pro at making his protégés look and feel better, but the finishing touch on this show isn't just a waist cincher belt - it's the confidence to bag a new man.

However, while more extreme new offerings might feel like they’re pushing the envelopes, boundary-pushing dating shows are actually nothing new - and here are 10 of the most outrageous offerings from recent years gone by...

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