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In the close-up of the book as Peter reaches for it its position has changed.

See more » After Tootles flies away and the end credits start, one of the stars in the sky continues to glow. your opinion warns others to "stay away" from this film.

Now it’s about getting the best deal so you don’t miss that family wedding and then someday accidentally hook up with your cousin. The new ads, by agency BBDO New York, depict a variety of scenarios in which not making that last minute trip–to a wedding, visit grandma, meet your adopted child–could result in ridiculous disaster.

A real member photo is on the site’s main page and she is actually very cute for a granny.But now with a new campaign, the brand has ditched its longstanding spokesman to signal a shift in both its marketing strategy and product offering.Before it was about finding the best deal for your big trip.So we know consumers use us for these moments in their lives.It’s not necessarily about booking the big trip of a lifetime to Bali, but all the little trips every year.”BBDO NY Executive Creative Directors Dan Lucey and Chris Beresford-Hill say that since most travel advertising is focused on big epic trips, the point of the campaign is to really elevate utility travel.“It’s the kind of trips that come up in your life that aren’t always planned way ahead of time, and create a construct that would elevate those trips and show their importance,” says Beresford-Hill.Gonzalez said she’ll remember her son as being really active, as a little boy who loved to jump on couches and do flips.

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