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Honduras' Minister of Science, Ramon Espinoza, said "there will be further research to gather more data, because there is no other site in Central America with a lost civilisation." The area is inhabited by the Pech and Payas indigenous groups, who long spoke of such a site. adventurer Theodore Morde claimed to have discovered "The Lost City of the Monkey God" in 1940, but didn't reveal the location.

The first written reference came in 1544, in a document written by Spanish Bishop Cristobal de Pedraza. The rumoured site had supposedly been located and lost between the 1500s and the 1800s.

For instance, in La Ceiba the annual carnival is a week-long celebration with music, exhibitions and special food, culminating in the most popular carnival in the country: "The Carnival of Friendship".

This famous Maya city is an important ceremonial center and one of the leading scientific centers of the Classic Maya period, used as an astronomical observatory.

It flourished during the 7th century of our era and is representative today of what Athens is to the old world.

We wish to invite you to visit Honduras, a Central American country in the very heart of the Americas.

Honduras has a monumental archeological site in the western part of the country, Copán.

Researchers detected the current excavation site in 2012.

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