Hong kong expat dating


However, it occurs to me that I may have some advice for someone traipsing through the arrivals hall of Hong Kong airport.Here are 10 things to bear in mind: When people say that Hong Kong is one of the best places to eat in the world, they are not lying.China’s just-loosened one-child policy has warped the country’s gender ratio over the past 34 years to the extent that by 2020 there may be almost 24 million men unable to find a partner.But in the special administrative region of Hong Kong, a jurisdiction not subject to the mainland’s laws, the landscape is startlingly different.“With so many more women than men in Hong Kong, older men can easily find younger women as their other halves,” says 26-year-old Janice, a public relations adviser.“It means that men can focus on their career while they're young, and then find their other half at around 30 while women have to worry about focusing on their career and finding love simultaneously.”50 years ago, Hong Kong’s gender ratio was relatively level, but in the past decade, a steady flow of female migrants from the Philippines and Indonesia, seeking work as domestic helpers, have arrived in the territory, and there are now 300,000 of these women registered in Hong Kong.

But hey, there are plenty of apps to help get us there!The territory’s 2011 census revealed that there were 209,000 women living alone, a figure that is rapidly rising.It’s believed that one in five Hong Kong women born today will remain single for the rest of their lives.Perhaps my taste buds have altered since I arrived, but I swear the sushi surpasses that in Tokyo, and Bangkok pales in comparison when feasting on the local tom yum.That the city is such a cultural melting pot contributes to its gourmet wonder: my favourite restaurant is, in fact, Argentinian.After two and a half years in the city I have grown to call home, I am heading back to London.

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