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Developers have already complained that the use of Next app has reduced their product sells. That's why the avatars had bobble heads with big hands and feet.Those who don't like should discontinue using it as a strong signal to IMVU that's it's undesirable. IMVU finally came to know that it's the adults who has the money.That does not mean I hook up with strangers or people in Second Life. I am not looking for a Boy or Girl friend, slave or pet at the moment.Feel free to flirt and talk dirty but please don't expect us to actually hook up in SL.My short bio: I mostly portray the typical 12-14 year old girl, but often times must sink even lower in the chatasphere into the darker topics. If you have any direct questions please feel free to shoot me a PM, I'll check back often! I always be sure to cut communication in a way that doesn't hurt them even more. Do you think that people in departments like yours ever tip off other cops that they're in danger when they catch them trolling for kids?AMAA because I obviously can't give out too much information about myself or my cases. If you come across someone that you suspect is harming or targeting children please report it to It's still fucked up that they want to talk to a 14 year old but if I can help someone through a depressing time when no once else can then so be it. The women that are part of this are in the much darker aspect where they are selling their kids or something like that. Yes, usually at the time of the takedown we know exactly who we're looking for.IMVU is great in many ways and myself have learned a lot from it.The people I have met on IMVU have been mostly great, everyone has there own agendas on there, but most people are respectful and if they are not its very easy to close the window and leave.

" His chat history, and the child porn back at his house, didn't help his story too well. When he showed up he tried playing the "I was here to help this child I was going to call you guys if it was real!We are all in it for the same reason, to help kids. It's that and the law pertaining to entrapment so you learn how to properly do these cases.You always have the power in those situations and at a even safer distance.Just like if a stranger tried to offer your kid a ride you tell them to scream for "help" and run.Somerset Maugham ‎"What other people think of me is none of my business" ~ Peter Brock ⁀↘‿↗ 【♡】⁀↘‿↗ 【♡】⁀↘‿↗ 【♡】⁀↘‿↗ 【♡】⁀↘‿↗ 【♡】⁀↘‿↗ 【♡】⁀↘‿↗ 【♡】⁀↘‿↗ ✔Verified Official Role Player.

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