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In fact it is a diminutive form of the Germanic name ‘Markwart’, which is actually a first name with a similar meaning.

The name means the same as the Spanish ‘Marquez’ or the French ‘Marquis’, although in German there is no equivalent In Germany, there are about 850,000 different family names.

Don’t get frustrated by an inability to sound exactly like a German when speaking in German; the accent takes years to develop.

Learning proper German pronunciation will make communication more effective, but for beginners, and especially taking into account the number a dialects found here, it’s fine to just to get “close enough” with pronunciation and focus on learning a few key phrases.

If you don’t yet own one of these impressive dogs, visit our German Shepherd information page to learn more.

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These occupational names form the largest group among the German family names.

Male Shepherds need a masculine name that describes their personality and, perhaps, their purpose in your own life or family.

When I was growing up, my first dog was Baron von Easterbrooks. A Baron may be a low ranking British nobleman, but it sure sounds imposing to me.

In early webcomic chapters that take place during WWI, he wore a gray-blue Waffenrock uniform (as seen in colored artwork) characteristic of the German army uniform of that period (the color of this uniform was changed to green for the anime).

However, the black cuffs and white piping may also suggest Germany wears a Schutzpolizei administration uniform.

German is a West Germanic language, thus related to and classified alongside English and Dutch.

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