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If someone is making a mural on their wall from cigarette butts, you’d say, “Well, everyone goes out of his mind in his own way.” One of my favorite Russian sayings is equivalent to our, “I wrote the book on that! They say, “Ya na ehtu sobaku syel.” I ate the dog on that!I’m sure some linguistics professor would be happy to enlighten me on the origins of that Russian phrase, but I’m too busy to track one down. If you want to convey in Russian something along the lines of, “I’m gonna let him have it! ” you could say, “I’m going to show him Kuzkin’s mother!Russian is one of the five official languages of the United Nations, and ranks as the major world language along with Chinese, English, Spanish and Hindi.It is the native language of 142 million citizens of the Russian Federation, the world's largest country.In 2008, the Russian singer Alexey Vorobyov also has a song called New Russian Kalinka (in English) and Novaya Ruskaya Kalinka (in Russian), which is a cover of the song.

There, he says something presumably intimidating in Russian, and which makes the gulag guard hand over the keys.It belongs to the Slavic group of the Indo-European language family.The Slavic group of languages is divided into West Slavic (Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Sorbian), South Slavic (Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Slovenian), and East Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian).Russians love to say, “In taste and color there are no comrades.” (Na fkus I svet, tovarisha nyet.) This is very close in meaning to the English, “To each his own,” but it’s more fun because it rhymes, and because it uses an old Soviet word ‘tovarish’, meaning comrade.Russians have another phrase which can roughly be translated as “To each his own,” and that is: “Everyone goes out of his mind in his own way.” (Kazhdi skhohdit suma pa svoimu.) The difference is, this is usually used to describe more eccentric habits or tastes.In 1993 the Welsh tenor Wynford Evans sang "Kalinka" at Cardiff Arms Park Stadium accompanied by the largest ever male choir of 10,000 voices, known as the World Choir.

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