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So the last-minute polls were accurate in predicting Clinton’s vote but were off by 4 percent in the case of the Trump vote. The failure of the last-minute polls in Britain to accurately call the general election of 2015 and again in the Brexit referendum in June 2016, provides some insights for the U. Four possible explanations outlined in their preliminary report, published in January 2016, of what went wrong in Britain may be relevant to the U. presidential election: a late swing, sampling problems, herding behavior and mis- or “over-reporting”.Daily delivered to your inbox Late swing refers to the possibility that some voters opted for Trump rather than Clinton at the last minute, but that this was not captured in polls that took place in the field before it happened.

In the case, the conservative non-profit organization Citizens United wanted to air a film critical of Hillary Clinton and to advertise the film during television broadcasts shortly before the 2008 Democratic primary election in which Clinton was running for U. The court found the provisions of the law that prohibited corporations and unions from making such electioneering communications to conflict with the U. The case did not affect the federal ban on direct contributions from corporations or unions to candidate campaigns or political parties. Section 203 of BCRA defined an "electioneering communication" as a broadcast, cable, or satellite communication that mentioned a candidate within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary, and prohibited such expenditures by corporations and unions.

There are some well-known names in the mix (Bill Clinton is an elector, for example), but most of the electors are far from household names.

The total is 538, as each state has an elector for each House and Senate seat in Congress, including three electors from the District of Columbia.

California has the most electors with 55, while states with small populations such as Montana and Alaska get three each.

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Two of the three polls published on the election day put Trump in the lead.

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