Is being intimidating good or bad


The next day we’ll completely and utterly ignore the hell out of you. We’re earnest and sincere in everything we say, almost to the point of mental blood clots. We want to spend all day, every day, with our best friend.

Because I lived in fear of other people and their opinions of me, it almost destroyed my career, my social life, and anything else meaningful in my life. Going to the shops isn’t just “I need to go to the shops.” It’s, “I 7. For instance, if we saw a snail crawling across a footpath, we would stop to help it cross. We wouldn’t just say “you’re being mean.” We would say “” 9. Usually we end up writing 500 word messages (to the horror of the recipient). We pay undivided attention to each person we talk to. Think divorce, sex lives, religion, politics, mental illness, hemorrhoids … We bring up uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing topics into normal conversations. That’s why I talk about the dangers of living a fear-controlled life so often on this blog (like here, here and here for starters.)While that’s true, there’s one form of fear that I haven’t really addressed up until this point, and it actually might be the most common form of fear that exists. Or more specifically, Before I dive in, a quick disclaimer–I’m not a psychiatrist (obviously), so if you have a legitimate full-blown phobia of other people, then this blog post definitely isn’t for you.But for everyone else who sometimes feels scared or intimidated by other people for whatever reason, take a minute to fully absorb this quote: I’m a 42-year old man, and I’m not embarrassed to share that it took me close to 35 years of my life to get this lesson burned into my consciousness.In the hate column: dictatorship, religion, stupidity, demagogy, censorship, bullying, and intimidation.

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