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She mostly shares her professional work via Twitter.

Ellen previously dated few Hollywood celebrities and even married two of them. After breaking-up from him, she began dating Irish actor Gabriel Byrne and married him in 1988.

Weaver's Smurf concealed toughness and violence behind maternal care; Barkin's take on the role merges predatory appetites with a threatening sexuality.

"She fancies him like mad and you can cut the sexual chemistry on set with a knife.She has worked in many movies and TV show which have given her the height of success.She is best known for her role in “Before Women Had Wings” and “Switch.” She was interested in this field from her young age.The couple welcomed two children together, John Jack (born 1989) and Romy Marion (1992).However, the couple separated amicably in 1993 then divorced in 1999.Get this — while Ellen Barkin was busy launching her acting career in 1982’s Diner, her current beau wasn’t even conceived yet!

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