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In terms of actions, ethical behavior played an important role in how ancient Israelite and Judeans expressed religious devotion.In the following paragraphs, we will explore the aforementioned aspects of ancient Israelite and Judean religion in more detail.

Friday, February 11, will be remembered as the historic day Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year regime came to an end in Egypt.This chart is based on the chronology of John Bright (A History of Israel, 3rd edition, Westminster, 1981).There are other chronologies of the Israelite kings that differ in some details, for example, that of J. The problem of OT chronology is complicated by various factors: 1) some biblical numbers are symbolic or schematized; 2) variant manuscript readings differ;3) various date references are given in different portions of Scripture; 4) little external verification to cross check dates;5) different systems of dating; 6) problem of transferring lunar dates into solar dates; 7) different methods of figuring the regnal years of kings; 8) possibility of co-regencies of kings (we know of only one, that of Uzziah and Jotham), etc.Within Judean and Israelite communities, primary devotion was oftentimes towards Yahweh.As both Judah and Israel were emerging states, Yahweh was the national deity, an idea which finds its origins in religious practices from the Bronze Age.Go yourselves and take yourselves straw from whatever you find, for nothing will be reduced from your work.” In the close up photo of the brick below, one can see the straw and the seal which states, “House of Ramses ll”. Taylor holds curatorial responsibility for ancient Egyptian funerary antiquities, amulets and jewelry.

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