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At the age of twelve, Crystal Kay signed to the label Epic Records in Japan when a jingle she recorded for TV CM for Vitamin water garnered attention.One year later the jingle was expanded into her debut single "Eternal Memories", on July 1, 1999. Because of its release date it became Crystal Kay's first single to fail to chart.Lire la suite09/08 : Corée du Nord : Trump promet "le feu et la fureur", Pyongyang riposte et envisage une attaque sur l’île américaine de Guam Pyongyang évoque une guerre totale et affirme envisager une attaque sur l’île...Crystal Kay Williams (born February 26, 1986 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan), simply known as Crystal Kay, is a Japanese singer, songwriter, radio host and actress of Korean and African-American descent. After releasing her debut single "Eternal Memories" (1999) in 2011.Article: Bo A "Dating news galore in SM this year... "Source: TV Report via Naver"There's been a lot of dating news this year. As for me, I never got into scandals because I was never in any relationships (laughter). In the end, self-management all comes down to yourself.

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I didn’t realize this was supposedly happening already. Originally he was to play a leader of Japanese pirates but now his part is undecided, however he will play an important role. “KAT-TUN’s contract with the company that handles their cell phone content runs out in December.

Her mother was a 23-year-old professional singer with one album while her father played music as a hobby.

Although her mother is Korean, Crystal does not speak Korean.

Bitch can't even keep up with Bo A's sales and popularity in Japan.

She'd get slaughtered over in Korea like a goat in a Jamaican butcher shop.

Unless you're willing work yourself into a state of anorexia, appear on every music show which airs in south Korea in the space of 2 hours, dress head to toe looking like page 5 of Jeremy Scott's Adidas originals catalog and move on a stage like the well being of your best wig depends on it - you don't stand a chance.

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