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I am on a great website for singles thats totally free to use. Its not slimey like gumtree personals used to be, although I guess some like that Its more for serious dating and relationships. Online dating sites also help for those of us who work long hours or can't afford the time to go out as often.Flirtable is completely free although the search feature is garbage. I am on a great website for singles thats totally free to use. Its not slimey like gumtree personals used to be, although I guess some like that Its more for serious dating and relationships. At least it seems pointless to go out with the vague hope of meeting someone and inevitably wasting time better spent elsewhere. I work all week, go to gym after work, go home have supper, shower and study and by then it's already past 10pm.The more traffic a site gets, the more data we have to calculate estimated metrics.

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