Kate bosworth who is she dating


She was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Orlando Bloom whom she met in 2003.In July 2011, Bosworth and her boyfriend, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, parted ways after two years of dating.Unlike his squeaky-clean alter-ego Captain America, Chris Evans isn't afraid to have a little fun.Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that the self-proclaimed "ass man" has been romantically linked to quite a few of Hollywood's brightest stars. My biggest beef with her was that she used her skeletal skinniness to get attention.” Stacie also claims that “Kate was allegedly on the short list to be Tom Cruise’s next wife, only she lost out to Katie Holmes.” Meow! Lainey, for one, thinks Kate has some issues: If you’re an Alex Skarsgard fan, this is not something you should be happy about. According to Stacie, I shouldn’t even get her started on Kate, because “she was much hated in the Orlando Bloom fandom for being a famewhore.

The gossip column also reports at the after-party at the Edison club, Ryan was again spotted holding hands with Kate.Over the weekend, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard set tongues wagging with their appearance at the Scream Awards. I had never heard that stuff about Tom Cruise and Bosworth – I did, however, hear it about Scarlett Johansson.According to sources, they were “very affectionate” and “holding hands as Alexander played with Kate’s hair while they chatted with friends in the green room.” Kate even “playfully slapped him on his butt a few times.” Is it getting hot in here? Here’s my question – why kind of girl does Alexander Skarsgard really like?And whether her goal is more tabloid photos and paparazzi on her tail or more actual roles in films or TV, it hardly matters.The cycle of being famous because you're famous has already begun.American actress and model, whose big Hollywood break came when she landed a role in "The Horse Whisperer" (1998) starring Robert Redford.

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