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Chanelle Mc Cleary, who has stolen the limelight from all her housemates so far, shocked the audience when she went into graphic detail about her boyfriend’s penis.

In her 10-page affidavit submitted to the CA’s committee on justice Tuesday, Cam cited De Lima’s “controversial private life” as among the reasons why she was opposing her confirmation.However, more than almost any other trend, you can map out how progressive, inclusive, and sexually liberated Hollywood has become based on what they will (and won’t) allow on our screens over the decades. Most intimate scenes meet the bare minimum of being sexy, but a good sex scene can go a long way into changing the entire dynamics of a movie, from its central relationships to its themes.To celebrate the evolution of onscreen sex, we’ve compiled a brief guide to some of the most noteworthy steamy scenes around.We’ve come a long way, seemingly, since the time when full-frontal nudity, or unsimulated sex acts for that matter, were considered truly seismic.Far from being shocked, some audiences expect it now, as a matter of course.“Film-making is a construction of reality that is very mechanical and very choreographed.

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