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The Lord’s Supper: We partake of the Lord’s Supper each Sunday, following the pattern of the first century church.

Howe, in hi "'^tory of Ohio; and he is not entirely reliable, for I have been ' "ged to makcsome corrections in hisstatements of facts in the hif:"ory of this he had to rely ''ern— were the headquarters of Governor Meigs. Johnson was brought wounded after his per- sonal and deadly conflict with the renowned Tecumseh at the bat- tle of the Thames.We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and his holy Apostles, and not the teachings of man. Read More Singing: We will sing several songs and hymns together, led by one or more song leaders.These will be sung a capella (without the accompaniment of musical instruments).And people looking to connect with other business-associated contacts usually move to sites like Linked In, but one need to understand that social media is beyond Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Blogs.After observing and running an analysis on hundreds of Social Networking sites I have listed down 40 most popular social networks across countries. Facebook: To access Facebook.com, you must create an account on the site which is free. Likewise the public records hav*- been searched with the same unsatisfactory results. to some a matter of very little consequence who first settled a couaiw- try, but we find people in all ages disposed to attach very greafc importance to so apparently trifling a circumstance. Urbana was a frontier town dn^'.^Mhe war 1812, Hull's army was quartered here the sitme year, ')i,-fore taking: up their lino of march for Detroit. : '^ place of general rendezvous for the troops stfrting for the dr'^Li-e of our northern frontier. part of the city, and here lie the bodies of many brave soldier^ rr ing'ed with their mother dust, and no monument to mark the r ' : where they rest, nor to tell the story of their sufferings ; evr- *' cir names liave perished with them.

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