Methods of dating photographs

When no date is provided in the Description column below, we do not know the date of the photograph. The office contains candlestick telephones and a letter copying press but no other office machinery. In 1995 it merged with the Milwaukee Journal to become the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Stern by the same photographer is glued to the other side of the card to which this photo is glued.

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A second structural engineer, who asked not to be named, said the steel rebar used in the complex are too flimsy for such a tall structure and could endanger its structural integrity.

“The line that almost never was” began with the visionary ideas of Daniel L.

Turner in the 1920s, held an actual groundbreaking in the 1970s, and was ultimately realized on New Year’s Eve 2016 as part of a modern construction plan launched in 2007.

He pointed to the building's misaligned windows and flimsy steel rebar.

"Quality control appears to be an alien concept," he said.

Higbee in his office at the Bryce, Higbee Co., Pittsburgh, PA, January 1906. The man seated just left of center, directly facing the camera, is probably John B.

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