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Yes, this is old news and there’s about 462 blog entries (ok, that’s a made up number, but there are a lot) about how to force Communicator 2007 R2 to do an Address Book (Galcontacts.db) update.

These blog entries will talk about the July 2009 update for Communicator 2007 R2 and how it introduced a random delay of 0-60 minutes for Communicator 2007 R2 to download an updated Gal to prevent the network from getting hammered by so many clients downloading an updated Gal all at the same time.

And yes, these blog entries also talk about a registry entry you can create called Gal Download Initial Delay and creating a Dword set to 0 in order to force Communicator to do an instant update.

Some blog articles that talk about this include: C/Blog/Entries/2009/12/17_Force_Downloading_the_Address_Book_in_Now I’m sure you are asking yourself why I am creating this entry?

That registry entry works perfectly fine on x86 systems. WOW64 has its own section within the registry called Wow6432Node.

Close Lync completely (make sure to right click\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Office.0\Lync\ delete the sip_username directory (it will be rebuilt at the next Lync launch) Microsoft articles commonly identify single files to delete depending on the issue.

We have never seen an issue with deleting the entire directory.

The local Global Address Book (GAL) file is needed for displaying contact data on the contact card, phone numbers in the click-to-call menu (in addition to other minor features) and, most importantly, for Communicator search.

Communicator’s fast search capabilities are possible because Communicator indexes the local GAL so it can return instant search results as the user types in the search box.

Analog zu den Seiten OCS Updates und Exchange und Windows Service Packs und folgende finden Sie hier die aktuellen Updates und Historie der Patches für Lync. q=lync Aktualisieren von Office 2013 oder Office 365 Ich versuche die Versionen vollständig zu halten aber es kann sein, dass die Listen nicht komplett sind. id=48074 Beachten Sie, dass auch hier wieder Voraussetzungen anderer Office Komponenten zu erfüllen sind, ehe Sie das Update installieren können.

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