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There is so much Outlook can do that it would be too much to cover in one blog, so I’ve listed below my favourite things about Outlook, and some of the systems I have in place to help in managing my Director’s diary.

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I've never been able to determine what is "special" about those messages, but once you delete them, the problem goes away.Microsoft has undergone a number of rebrands over the past several years, and it probably would’ve been a good move if their resulting product names weren’t so confusing.When someone refers to something like “Outlook”, what exactly do they mean?Have her clean out her Inbox, and all the other mail folders. When I tested the profile on Friday I had it logged in for 3 hours with 0 prompts for a password.I've seen Outlook freak out on single "bad" email, and start asking for credentials all the time. I came to the conclusion it must be something the user was doing but was at a loss for what it could be.Microsoft is in the process of phasing out Windows Essentials, formerly known as Windows Live Essentials.

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