Passport updating name


If your passport is ripped, torn, separated, washed or altered in any way, it needs to be replaced.This process is for replacing a damaged passport when the damaged passport is still valid.Visa Rite is a passport and visa expediting company authorized by the U. We charge a service fee for our professional service. However, we are not affiliated with the US Department of State.After selecting which passport you are applying for (book, card or both), there is a section for personal information such as full name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, social security number, email address, primary contact phone number and mailing address.There is a place to attach your passport photo and input date about your most recent passport book or passport card.

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When changing your last name due to a change in relationship status, you will need to submit documents as proof, such as: The document you submit to support your application must show the name you’re asking to have on your new passport.

Application Form DS-5504 should be submitted when applying to change your name in a valid passport, extend the validity of a limited passport or correct a printing error.

This form should only be used for the first two if your passport was issued less than a year ago.

Visa Rite provides assistance for travelers to understand passport application rules, prepare proper paperwork to ensure the passport processed smoothly and in a timely manner.

You may apply directly through the US Department of State. Passports can only be renewed if following conditions are all met: A damaged passport is considered invalid.

The last three sections pertain to the type of service you require.

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