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The console is still running fine and I can the frozen install at any time. I have tried deleting the game data and starting from the beginning with no luck. Note: Other materials, such as a paper towel or a T-shirt, may also scratch the Disc.If there are any scratches, smudges, or fingerprints on the Disc, it may not function properly.

A statement from Play Station confirms that PS3 shipments in Europe terminated March 2016.

Shipments in US terminated Oct 2016, while Asia has terminated at the same timing as Japan."PS3 launched over 10 years ago in November 2006, with state of the art technologies including a high capacity Blu-ray drive and pre-installed HDD.

With the performance to deliver entirely new visual experiences, PS3 also provided users worldwide, with a unique network service and access to online games and digital content downloads."SIE’s vision to deliver the best entertainment experience to consumers has not changed and with more and more users shifting to PS4, and with Play Station Now available in countries including North America, UK, Japan, Belgium and Netherlands, allowing users to easily enjoy PS3 games on their PS4 and PC (PC available in Japan at a later timing), we have decided to terminate the shipment of PS3.

Sony has released a patch to fix the buggy 4.45 firmware update that left some people with crippled Play Station 3 consoles.

Complaints flooded in last week after Playstation users downloaded and installed the , which was designed to let users turn trophy notifications on or off.

The update must be downloaded into a folder, and then your Playstation 3 must be booted into Safe Mode.

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