Post dating checks illegal

In most instances this would mean you would have to: If you suffered losses because your bank cashed the check, despite you giving reasonable notice, then you should speak with an attorney to discuss your rights and remedies.If you choose to accept a postdated check, you run the risk that the person who wrote the check could close their account before you deposit the check, or that their account will not have sufficient funds when you deposit the check.Since this kind of check is not payable on demand, most states refuse to cover postdated checks under bad check laws.Generally, a bank may cash your check when they receive it, even if your check is paid before the date you wrote on the check.

Laws about this sort of thing vary from state to state though I've never known of a state where it is legal.I can say with certainty that it is illegal in Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia. I thought to post-date something was to write the date as 15 Dec.02 when it is really 17 Dec 02 so therefore you are posting the date after the said date.Here's what it says:(a) Prohibited - Issuing check with knowledge of insufficient funds.- A person may not obtain property or services by issuing a check if: (1) the person knows that there are insufficient funds with the drawee to cover the check and other outstanding checks; (2) the person intends or believes when issuing the check that payment will be refused by the drawee on presentment; and (3) payment of the check is refused by the drawee on presentment.(b) Same - Issuing check with intent to stop payment.- A person may not obtain property or services by issuing a check if: (1) when issuing the check, the person knows that the person or, in the case of a representative drawer, the person's principal intends, without the consent of the payee, to stop or countermand the payment of the check, or otherwise to cause the drawee to disregard, dishonor, or refuse to recognize the check; and (2) payment is refused by the drawee on presentment.If you write a check with a date in the future written on it, so that the check cannot be cashed until the date on the check, then you have written a postdated check.

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